Ultimate New York Sightseeing Bucket List

Ultimate New York Sightseeing Bucket List

If you need a few ideas for where to go on your next vacation, you should put New York City at the top of your list. There might not be another place on the planet that offers so many attractions for people of all ages, backgrounds, and interests. If you made a list of everything there is to do on a New York sightseeing trip, you couldn’t possibly get it all done on a single trip, no matter how much time you had to spend. However, if you’ve only got time to see a handful of the top sites in this great city, make the most of your time with these top destinations.

Statue of Liberty

Is there a more iconic structure in the United States than the Statue of Liberty? This symbol of freedom, opportunity, and hope is a beacon to all the world. You couldn’t possibly go on a New York sightseeing trip without visiting this statue. Bring your camera with you, and get some shots of Lady Liberty with New York’s impressive skyline in the background. Take some time to ride to the top of the statue and see the breathtaking view. You can also learn about the statue’s history and meaning.

Times Square

One of the city’s most bustling areas, Times Square is prominent in movies, television shows, and other forms of media. It attracts enormous crowds throughout the year at all times of the day. Time’s Square is a must for anyone planning on going on a New York sightseeing excursion. It’s a popular commercial and shopping area as well. Here, you can find stores and delicious places to eat. It also comes alive at night and is a fantastic spot for pictures.

Central Park

If you want to couple a historic site with a little more leisure and a slower pace, Central Park is a great place to visit. This enormous park is right in the heart of Manhattan. It’s an ideal place for visitors, no matter how old they are or what they want to see on their New York sightseeing outing. In the park, there’s room to exercise and take a stroll. You can also visit the Central Park Zoo or see some of the park’s many monuments and sculptures. If these three places aren’t already on your bucket list when you go to the Big Apple for New York sightseeing, make sure you take the time to pay them a visit.