NYC Attractions for Curious Kids

NYC Attractions for Curious Kids

Parents traveling with children are always a little more stressed out about their vacation plans than others. It makes sense. How can you explore a gigantic city like New York City without having to deal with children that start acting up out of boredom? Luckily for you, there are plenty of NYC attractions that your children will love. From great open spaces to inside activities, there are options for young and old, regardless of the weather! Here are a few of the best NYC attractions for curious kids.

Indoor Playrooms

Bring your children to an indoor playroom while you sit back and relax over a cup of coffee. There are plenty of indoor playrooms all over the city that you can stop by, such as Twinkle in Brooklyn. Children can play for hours in this large indoor space of 4,500 square feet. As you make your way through Brooklyn, encourage curiosity up giving them clues of where you are going without telling them the whole plan. They will be in for an incredible surprise!

Go to a Zoo

There are a variety of zoos in New York City, making it one of the ultimate NYC attractions for curious kids who love animals. The Central Park Zoo is one of the most famous zoos in the city. You can reach it by taking the hop on hop off uptown bus route. This zoo is home to many different types of animals, and if you arrive at the right times, you will be able to see zookeepers feed the animals. Other zoos to check out are the Bronx Zoo and the Queens Zoo.

Brooklyn Children’s Museum

A museum is not usually the type of activity that can interest a child, but a children’s museum definitely is. The Brooklyn Children’s Museum is definitely one of the NYC attractions that will entertain your kids. The entire museum is made up of things that are meant to keep your children curious and entertained, and they have sections for all types of ages. There is even a section for toddlers and infants with padded surfaces and toys to play with. Regardless of your child’s age, there is no better place to keep him or her entertained than the Brooklyn Children’s Museum.