Weird Facts You Didn’t Realize About NY Bus Tours

Weird Facts You Didn’t Realize About NY Bus Tours

NY bus tours are a great way to see the city and learn about its history. While bus tours may seem like no big deal, bus drivers have to go through a lot. If you have ever walked or driven your car around a big city, you know how hard it can be. Now, imagine driving a bus. There are a lot of weird facts you probably didn’t know about NY bus tours and the city in general. Here’s a few of them.

Street Vendors

You might think that street vendors wouldn’t get in the way of New York City traffic, but that isn’t the case. There are over 4,000 street vendors in the Big Apple. And some of them aren’t afraid to get right out in the street. That’s a lot of tents, people, and food carts to dodge in a big bus.

Crazy Traffic

If you think most of the people who work in New York live there too, you are wrong. Many people don’t live in the city. NY bus tours are often scheduled around rush hour traffic. But in NY, the average person still drives 40 minutes to work. Bus drivers have to navigate around all these people trying to go to and from work.

Millions of People

NYC bus tour drivers have to really like people because they have to deal with millions of them both directly and indirectly. Not only do they have to navigate buses around all the people walking, driving, and bicycling through NY, but they also have to meet and safely transport the tourists who decide to take NY bus tours. Luckily, these drivers have a love for people and are happy to meet even the most eccentric New Yorkers and tourists. New York is an interesting city with a rich history and people who come from all walks of life. Bus tours are meant to show tourists a glimpse of the city. What you see isn’t always what you get. Therefore, bus drivers know all about what a strange and interesting city it can be. The next time you are on NY bus tours, think about everything the bus drivers do and see each day. If you are really curious, then ask a driver to tell you about the weirdest thing they have ever experienced on a bus tour. Be prepared to hear a wild tale. photo by Ins @qwqw7575