Where to Shop for Souvenirs During Your New York Tours

Where to Shop for Souvenirs During Your New York Tours

You won’t be disappointed if you are looking to buy some souvenirs during your trip to New York City. Manhattan alone is crawling with them. Regardless of which New York tours you decide to take, you will definitely find a souvenir shop along your route. If you take the hop on hop off New York tours, you will have more flexibility in terms of shopping around, but you will still find dozens of souvenir shops if you decide to take the non-stop tours. Here is a list of places to go to on the hop on hop off downtown tour. There is also a list of places to shop around Times Square. That is where all the New York tours depart from.

Hop on Hop off Downtown Route

If you decide to opt for the downtown route, you will be able to get off at many stops. They start on Broadway and going down all the way to Battery Park. On your way, there will be many souvenir shops you can choose from. Most of them are on Fifth Avenue, spread between 33rd Street and 37th Street. You will also find many gift shops in the north of Greenwich Village between 6th and 8th Avenue and 11th and 14th Street. If you go even more to the south, you will find a variety of gift shops in the area of Canal Street. Regardless of where you go during your hop on hop off downtown New York tours, spotting a souvenir shop will be easy.

Times Square Gift Shops

The non-stop New York tours all start and end in Times Square. It is a hub for souvenir shopping. You will find an incredible amount of gift shops. These include New York Gifts, NY’s Best Gift Shop, and New York Souvenir Inc. Other souvenir shops, such as City Souvenirs, 3 Star Gift Shops, and Theatre Circle are on the intersection of 8th Avenue and 44th Street.